Can I get more discount?

Good morning Sir. Welcome to Central Electronic Shop. Can I help you?
Good morning. I am looking for a flat screen TV. Do you sell it?
Please have a look over here. Here we have some kinds of Television from many brands. Please choose it.
How much is this?
It is $100.
It is very expensive.
This is the most famous branded television. It has a clear picture, and a fantastic sound, so the price is little bit high.
Really? Can you give me any discount?
We can offer 10% discount, so you just need to pay $90.
But it is still very high. Can I get more discount?
I’m sorry Sir, that is the best price we can offer.
Okay I will take it then.
Is there any other thing you would like to have?
No, not at the moment.
Thank you Sir.
You’re welcome.

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