I will start to train you swimming

Can you cross the river?
If I could swim, I would try.
How about now, haven’t you been able to swim yet?
Not yet. Can you train me?
Yes. Let’s jump now. I will start to train you swimming.
No, I can’t do that. I will be drown soon.
Just hold my hand, and we’ll jump together.
How deep is the river do you think?
Will not be more than two meters.
Are you sure, you will keep holding my hand, when we are crossing?
Of course, I don’t want you to get drown.
Is there another way to train me swimming?
If you cannot do it here, we can go to the swimming pool one day.
That’s a better idea.
Please set a time. When you’re ready, just call me.
Thanks. Will probably tell you next week.

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