I Just Got A Call To Have A Job Interview

I just got a call to have a job interview the day after tomorrow.
Oh that’s a good news. What company is it?
It’s a clothing company. But I haven’t prepared myself.
You must wear a formal dress and learn some typical questions during the interview.
I know it. But I’m still confused if my interviewer asks me about my weakness. Should I tell honestly about my bad habit?
Don’t ever tell about it unless you want to lose your opportunity to get a job there.
Well, so should I tell lie about my weakness? Or what should I do dealing with that?
You had better change your bad habit, and you can be free from being a liar. What bad habit do you normally do?
I almost always wake up late every morning.
Oh that’s too bad! You must change it. Don’t sleep late at night, and use an alarm to wake you up.
I should stop staying up late then. Thank you for the suggestion.

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