Can I give her any meal before the check up?

A : Hello doctor, may I come in?
B : Sure, please. How can I help you?
A : I wonder about my wife. She doesn’t have appetite. She has been eating just little
food for the last three days.
B : Well, let me check her medical card. She has been hospitalizing for a week, hasn’t she?
A : Yes she has, but she ‘s still weak and vomits frequently.
B : I see. I think she should have another medical check up today.
A : Alright, so what time will you check her?
B : Thirty minutes more, I’ll call a nurse to help me.
A : Can I give her any meal before the check up?
B : Please don’t give her any meal first. You can give her after the examination. Our meal
service will deliver her meal.
A : Can she have cake after the examination?
B : I don’t think so.
A : Okay doctor, thank you.

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