What does your grandpa do?

A : Will you visit your grandpa this weekend?
B : Yes I will. Will you go along with me?
A : Maybe. I will see my schedule first. I’m interested to go to your village. I seldom go to
B : Ok. I’ll be glad if you go with me. I can show you the beautiful scenery, the clean river, and
some cattle animals at the ricefield. The air is still fresh, and you’ll enjoy them.
A : Really? It’s great! What does your grandpa do?
B : My grandpa was a soldier before, but he is retired. He does farming like the other people in
the village. Planting rice and farming are their livelihood.
A : What about your grandma?
B : She passed away a few years ago.
A : Is your grandpa alone there?
B : Yes he is. That’s why I often visit him.
A : Why don’t you stay there?
B : I plan to stay there after I graduate from university.

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