Do you think that children nowadays are more naughty?

A     : Do you think that children nowadays are more naughty?

B     : Well, it’s really depending. Children in the big city perhaps tend to be naughty.

A     : I agree with you. I wonder why!

B     : Do you know that it’s mostly caused by television?

A     : But sometimes  children who don’t like watching TV are also naughty.

B     : They are influenced by their environment. Children are still unstable, they are changable.

A     : What is the best done by parent to stop violence on TV?

B     : I think it’s rather hard to stop violence on TV, because children today have much more

freedom and chance to watch TV anywhere and anytime as well. Moreover, the media itself

often more concerns about profit rather than quality.          .

A     : So ?

B     : Parent must have good communication to children and give understanding about the harm

of watching violence, and children need to be controlled in watching TV.

A     : I agree with you. But how can we at least eliminate bad TV program, because I believe that

parent can’t control children 24 hours, right?

B     : Start from ourselves, don’t watch uneducated programs, if possible, tell friends or relatives

not to watch them either. By doing so, hopefully the rating of the programs will be low, and

in turn, TV will not broadcast low rate programs.

A     : You’re right.

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