How would you like the bank notes Ma’am?

A     : Good morning, how may I help you?

B     : Good morning, I need to cash this money.

A     : Certainly Ma’am, Could you please fill in this form?

B     : Sure. Where should I give my signature?

A     : In this box, please. Do you bring ID card and your saving account book?

B     : Yes I do. Would you like to see them?

A     : Yes please. Thank you Ma’am. How would you like the bank notes Ma’am?

B     : Eight notes of one hundred thousand, please.

A     : Alright, would please wait for a moment while I’m processing your cash?

B     : Yes, thank you. Does it take long time?

A     : No it doesn’t. Just a few minutes.

B     : Alright then.

A     : Here is the money, and your saving book, please.

B     : Thank you very much.

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