What must be done to reduce crime?

A     : I don’t know what’s happening to people. Why is crime everywhere!

B     : What’s wrong? Any bad news today?

A     : Don’t you watch the news on TV? Or read newspaper? People are getting agressive and

easily do illegal activities.

B     : Yes I do,…it’s hard for some people with unpleasant circumstances or people who don’t

have much choices to keep doing such a good thing.

A     : What must be done to reduce crime?

B     : Family has an important role in reducing crime. I think lack of good parenting leads to

crime. Besides, some people are not ready to accept their reality.

A     : What do you think about the law?

B     : Law enforcement is really crucial. People can do crime, but if the government took a firm

stance, then things would improve.

A     : What else can be helpful?

B     : People’s prosperity is what really matter actually. Lack of prosperity supported by poverty

mind will eventually turn out to be crime.

A     : So the government and the society are important?

B     : Absolutely. They must be in line to combat the crimes.

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