Corruption is actually the real catastrophe!

A     : What do you think about corruption? I mean …..a big corruption.

B     : It doesn’t matter small or big! I’m sick of corruption! Corruption is actually the real catastrophe! It’s even much more dangerous than a disaster!

A     : But in fact, many big corruptors only got lenient punishment, didn’t they?

B     : That’s too bad! Terrible! If I could change the situation, definitely I would give big corruptors death sentence. They deserve to get it.

A     : Don’t you think that life sentence would probably better for them? So,…they can have a chance to correct their mistakes?

B     : I don’t think that it would work! Money can talk! They will do another crime behind the bar anyway. They still can be a king there.

A     : What about impoverish them?.

B     : Are you sure? If a lot of leaders commit to wrong behavior, will the law enforcement warrant  this kind of punishment? I myself don’t believe it.

A     : So?

B     : I think we should first mentally educate people about “moral”, then things would be better.

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