Euthanasia is against human rights

A     : The patient next door has passed away.

B     : I heard that he should get the next treatment, didn’t he?

A     : Yeah,…but the doctor said that he suffers incurable disease.

B     : Poor him. How long had he been sick before finally died?

A     : He had been sick for more than 8 years. But,…I tell you something. Come closer, please.

B     : What?

A     : Someone told me that he actually asked for euthanasia. Euthanasia is a medical action done by  doctor towards patient with incurable disease to end the patient’s suffering peacefully.

B     : Oh what! Euthanasia?! Oh my! Do you know that it is against the human right? It’s only allowed for animals!

A     : But I myself feel sorry for someone with incurable illness who has been suffering for long time.

B     : If public knows about this, it will be a big problem for the doctor.

A     : I don’t think so, since the doctor has got the patient’s will and agreement.

B     : I have no idea.

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