What happens with this broken cell-phones?

A     : Hi….what will you do with those things?

B     : I will throw them away. I don’t need them anymore.

A     :Don’t throw those electronic waste carelessly! It’s dangerous for our environment!

B     : Listen to me! It’s none of your business. These things are mine. Please leave me alone!

A     : We should protect our environment as good as possible, because it can influence our lives.

B     :Really?? What happens with this broken cell-phones? Broken computer? Should I keep them and fill up my house with these unuseful things?

A      : I don’t say that. But do you know that every year more than 10.000 of computer monitors and TV become obsolete? Electronic waste is toxic and contaminate the soil.

B     : How do you know it?

A     :Look at this. This battery contains lithium, this microchip contains arsenic, phosphorus, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and more hazardous materials. Those materials are not just contaminate the soil, but they can damage the brain and give bad effects for our health.

B     :Oh… I see. So where should I throw these things?

A     :You can drop your electronic waste in the box network or sell them to be recycled.

B     :Alright, I think you right. Sorry for being rude.

A     : It’s ok.

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