Will you go for the savings gathering today?

Betty             : Debby, will you go for the savings gathering today?

Debby           : Yes I will. I haven’t got my turn yet, hopefully, today I can get my money.

Betty             : I haven’t either! But I don’t like such a gathering, just waste my time.

Debby           : Why do you think so? So why do you join it since the first place?

Betty             : I just couldn’t refuse their offer.

Debby           : How many times have you come for the gathering?

Betty             : Just once.

Debby           : really? I don’t come frequently either. But I come more than that. If I’m not busy I’ll

always come there.

Betty             : I don’t want to go there anyway. So please can you just give my money to them?

Debby           : Oh my dear,…it’s good for us for socializing. Since everybody is busy, it can be an

apportunity for us to meet each other while we can also save some money.

Betty             : Do we?

Debby           : Yes of course! If you have talent in selling, it perhaps good also for you to market

your things.

Betty             : Oh sounds great! Yeah ….I have some jewelry. They may buy it. You right!

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