Why did he get angry to you?

A     : You look upset, what’s wrong with you?

B     : Yes, I’m unwell today.

A     : Please don’t lie to me. You told me that you went jogging this morning, didn’t you? Please be honest to me. Who knows I can help you.

B     : Actually Mr. Scott got angry to me just now.

A     : Why did he get angry to you?

B     : I have done a fatal mistake.

A     : What’s that?

B     : I had sent the wrong goods to customer so that we lost millions rupiahs.

A     : How come? You’re really careless! You should be more careful in doing thing.

B     : I made mistake in putting the address on the package. I didn’t do it intentionally. I feel guilty, and I have apologized.

A     : Yes I know it. But it’s useless to regret thing has been done. Don’t make any mistakes again.

B     : Alright, I think you right. I promise I won’t do it again.

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