Magical Conversation

What do you plan for the next holiday?

A : What do you plan for the next holiday?
B : I plan to visit Egypt, and I’ve booked the accommodation.
A : Sounds perfect! Why do you decide to go on vacation there?
B : I heard that there are many historical places there, and I really enjoy learning history.
A : And you know what? I got room number 13, with a mountain-view for quite cheap price!
B : Don’t you know about number 13? It’s unlucky number.
A : So?! It’s a cock and bull story! I don’t believe such a superstition! Do you believe in
B : I experienced bad things when I neglected a myth. I didn’t pass the test because my
registration number was 13.
A : It doesn’t make sense at all for me. You didn’t pass just because you didn’t study hard.
B : But it happened to me.
A : Life is what you make it! If you believe something, it will happen!

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