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How many hours do we need for sleeping a day?

A : Are you still working now?
B : Yes, I might work over time again.
A : Why don’t you try to be free and enjoy your life?
B : I wish I could. But there is much work at the office. I work under pressure as well.
A : Do you do it by yourself or with your colleagues?
B : All by myself. It’s tiring and stressfull. I’m still thinking about how to ease my mind after
working hard. How do you cope the stress?
A : According to the book I’ve read, we should try to enjoy our job. And set time to relax
every weekend. Do something fun for ourselves, forget about job for a moment to refresh
our mind.
B : How many hours do we need for sleeping a day?
A : Eight hours per day is enough. And live healthily. Do exercise regularly.
B : I hate doing sport.
A : You can walk, or just run to stay healhty. It’s good for us. And always think positively,
forgive anyone who hurts you. Simple right?
B : Well, thank you for your advice.

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