What mostly can generate your concentration?

Hi, are you busy today?
Actually yes, but I think I can’t do my assignment today.
What is the problem?
My neighbor keeps playing music all the time, and I’m distracted.
How about going to some quiet places? Like library?
Well, I wish I could, but I can’t concentrate to do my work where people are around or chat.
Oh I see, so what mostly can generate your concentration?
Depending on my mood, and also my condition. When I’m tired, normally I can’t do my work well. Today I’m rather in bad mood. What about you?
I always have music on, while I work. But in fact, I still can do any jobs in any places, any situations.
Oh that’s good. I can’t stand noise or distractions when I’m trying to concentrate.
Why don’t you just relax today, so tomorrow perhaps you have a good mood, and more spirit?
Well, I think it’s a good idea.

Can you tell me about the facilities here?

Hello, I’m looking for a good place to stay. Can you tell me about the facilities here?
Alright Sir. Our hotel has three different types of rooms. They are Standard, Deluxe, and Suite. All rooms are air conditioned. The standard rooms are facing the garden, while the deluxe rooms and suites have a view to the beach. We have three restaurants, two public swimming pool, two bars, and a night club.
Do you have rooms with swimming pool?
Yes, all suites are equipped with a plunge pool.
What about the room rates?
The standard room is $50 per night, deluxe $60, and the suite is $100 per night.
Do you accept credit cards here?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
Can I see the room first?
Sure. Clara, our Guest Relations, will accompany you to see the room. Please wait a moment.
Thank you.
You’re welcome, Sir.

Can you arrange a candle light dinner for us tomorrow?

How is your stay here, Sir?
Well, pretty good! All of the staff here are friendly and very helpful.
Thank you. How about the meal, Sir?
It’s great! My wife loves the food very much.
Would you like a tea time this evening, Sir?
Yes as usual. And, can you arrange a candle light dinner for us tomorrow? It is our twentieth wedding anniversary.
Oh, congratulations then. What time would you like to have it?
Is it possible at 8 pm?
Surely. How about the menu and decoration?
We leave it to you. I’m sure you will do the best for us. Where will be the location?
We will arrange it at the river side.
Oh, it will be very romantic.
For sure Sir. Could you fill in this form and put your sign here please?
Sure. Thank you.

Is it important to buy a personal accident insurance?

Do you plan your personal financial?
Do you mean saving money?
Yes it can be.
I spend all of my money for living cost. But I also set aside for insurance.
What insurance do you buy?
Personal accident insurance.
Is it important to buy a personal accident insurance?
I think so for me, since I work as a taxi driver, so I have more risks for an accident.
I see. How much is the premium?
I must pay $20 monthly.
Do you trust the insurance company?
Yes, I do. Some of my relatives got their compensation when they got accident.
Is it complicated to settle the claim?
As long as you complete all of the documents needed, I think the insurance will pay you.

I need to cash this cheque

Good morning Madam, how may I help you?
Good morning, I need to cash this cheque.
Certainly Madam, Could you please fill in this form?
Sure. Where should I give my signature?
Once here, and once in this box, please.
May I see your ID card and your saving account book please?
Sure. Here you are.
Thank you Madam. Please wait for a moment while I’m processing your cheque.
Does it take a long time?
No, it doesn’t. Just a few minutes.
Alright then.
Here is the money Madam, please count it first.
Thank you.

You don’t need to be angry

Oh, This is really ridiculous, you know? I hate this situation!
Hi calm down please! Don’t be so emotional!
You just don’t know what I feel! Everything is getting worse, because of him.
Stop blaming other people. Be patient, and think positively.
You know what? He forgot to book my ticket to join the seminar tomorrow, and the ticket is sold out. Can I still be calm?
Well, you don’t need to be angry, take a deep breath to control your emotion.
Okay, I’ll take a deep breath. So, what do I do next? I’m still upset.
Next, think positively, turn your anger into energy. And here we go. You can do the action for the next step.
You mean, that I don’t need to get the ticket? And I should get another seminar next time?
Yup, exactly. You can’t change the situation anyway. So manage your emotion to feel better. If you can’t change the situation, change the way you think. That’s called emotional intelligence.
Emotional intelligence? Maybe I need to know more about it.

Your proposal is being checked by the director

Good Morning, Sir. May I help you?
Good Morning. I want to ask about the proposal I sent last week.
May I have your name, please?
Barry Charles Freer.
Just a moment Mr. Freer, let me check it first.
Thank you.
Mr. Freer, your proposal is being checked by the director. We’ll tell you the result by next week.
Should I come here again next week?
No, we will inform you by phone as soon as we have the result.
Do you have my phone number?
Yes, we have it here.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.

How do you know about this vacancy?

Why do you want to work in our company?
I want to advance my career.
How about your current working place?
It’s good and I’m well paid there, but this opportunity is challenging me.
How do you know about this vacancy?
I read it in the newspaper.
What do you think most important in doing your job?
Responsibility and honesty.
How much do you expect from this job for a month?
At least $500 per month.
How do you see yourself in five years from now?
In five years from now, I am a Restaurant Manager.
Do you have any question?
Not at the moment, Madam.
Right. Give me time to make a consideration, and we will advise you if we have made a decision.
Thank you very much Madam.
You’re welcome.

I have a problem with my boyfriend

Why do you look so pale?
Yes, you do. Your face is different.
I am not feeling well. I don’t want to eat.
What happens to you?
I have a problem with my boyfriend. He wants to break up our relationship. I still love him but he has changed.
Just because of that? Why are you so stupid?
What do you mean? Why do you call me stupid?
Yes, you are stupid. You hurt yourself just because of a boy.
You don’t know how it feels, I still love him but he has changed. You never love a boy, so you don’t understand my feeling.
Of course, I understand your feeling, I am also a girl who has a love, but I am never like you, hanging your life to a boy.
So what should I do? Can you give me advice?
I know you really love him but does he have the same feeling like you?
What I know is that he also loves me.
If he loves you, he will not hurt you like this. He is not the only boy in this world. You can get someone far better than him, so you should keep smiling.
I think you are right. I should keep smiling. Thanks for your advice.
I hope you will be better now.

Do you know a good book store around here?

Do you know a good book store around here?
I think Genius is good.
Do you ever buy books there?
Not yet, but many people say that it’s a good book store. What kind of books do you want to have?
I want some books about computer programming.
I think they have some.
Would you like to go there with me tomorrow?
I am sorry I can’t, because I should take my mother to the hospital.
That’s okay. Can you tell me where the bookstore is?
Do you know the junction near our school?
Yes, I do.
From the junction you should turn right and go straight ahead until you see the handphone shop. The bookstore is just across the shop.
I think I can find it.
The bookstore is very famous here because they offer good prices and the collection is complete.
Okay tomorrow I will go there. Thanks for the information.
You’re welcome.