I need to cash this cheque

Good morning Madam, how may I help you?
Good morning, I need to cash this cheque.
Certainly Madam, Could you please fill in this form?
Sure. Where should I give my signature?
Once here, and once in this box, please.
May I see your ID card and your saving account book please?
Sure. Here you are.
Thank you Madam. Please wait for a moment while I’m processing your cheque.
Does it take a long time?
No, it doesn’t. Just a few minutes.
Alright then.
Here is the money Madam, please count it first.
Thank you.

What is the difference between this brand and that brand?

Good morning Sir, may I help you?
Good morning, I want to buy a motorcycle.
Would you like to have the manual or automatic one?
I want to have a manual one.
Please have a look! Here are some types of manual motorcycles from various brands.
What is the difference between this brand and that brand?
Each brand has its own benefit, Sir. And at this moment, this brand is more famous than the others.
How much is this red one?
It is $1500 Sir.
How about the payment?
You can pay cash, by credit card or installment plan.
What is the installment plan?
It will be a fix monthly payment of 12, 24, or 36 months.
Do I have to pay down payment?
Yes Sir, the down payment is 20% from the price.
OK then, I will take this one, on the 36 months installment plan.
Alright Sir. Please have a seat, and fill in this form.
Thank you.

How much loan do you require?

I need to get some information for your loan application.
Yes please. Should I fill out a form?
Yes, later on, but please answer some questions first.
How much loan do you require?
I need $5,000.
What will you do with the loan?
I will setup a small shop selling daily needs.
What do you currently do for a living?
I run a renting house and a car hire company.
How much is your net income per month approximately?
$500 to $600.
What was your gross income last year?
It was $7,500.
Have you got any credit card?
Yes I do, I have cards from two banks.
How much debt do you have on your credit cards at the moment?
Totally around $1,000.
Do you have any outstanding loans?
Yes, It’s around $1,500.
Please complete this form, and sign at the bottom.
When can I know if my application is approved or not?
Latest by three working days.
Thank you very much.

Do You Have Your Bank Account?

What is your plan today?
I’ll go to the Bank.
Why do you go to the bank?
Because I’ll save my money.
Do you have your bank account?
Yes, I do.
When did you open it?
Last year. I opened it so my father easier sending money to me.
In which bank did you open your account?
Central Express Bank.
Why do you choose that bank?
Because the transferring process is very fast, and the monthly fee is low.
I also want to open a bank account but I don’t know how.
You just need to go to the bank and find the customer service desk, tell that you want to open a bank account.
Is there anything I need to bring with me?
Just bring your valid ID card.
Can I get the ATM card?
Yes of course. All new accounts now come with an ATM card.
OK, thanks for informing me.