I want to make an appointment with Dr. Smith

Good morning Madam, may I help you?
Good morning, I want to make an appointment with Dr. Smith.
Let me see the schedule first.
Thank you.
Can you come this evening, at 7 o’clock?
I should go for a meeting tonight, Can you make it anytime tomorrow?
How about at 5 o’clock tomorrow evening?
Yes, 5 o’clock will be fine.
May I have your name please.
Laila Brown.
And what such of problem do you have?
I want to check the pain on my back.
Alright Ms Laila, I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Smith for you at 5 o’clock tomorrow. Please come 5 minutes before. If you would like to change the time, you can call us at this number.
Thank you, see you tomorrow.
See you.

Can I give her any meal before the check up?

Hello doctor, may I come in?
Sure, please. How can I help you?
I wonder about my wife. She doesn’t have appetite. She has been eating just little food for the last three days.
Well, let me check her medical card. She has been hospitalizing for a week, hasn’t she?
Yes she has, but she’s still weak and vomits frequently.
I see. I think she should have another medical check up today.
What time will you do it?
In thirty minutes. I’ll call a nurse to help me.
Can I give her any meal before the check up?
Please don’t give her any meal first. She can get it after the examination. Our meal service will deliver it for her.
Alright, doctor. Thank you.

What home remedy can I take to ease flu?

Rainy season is coming soon!
Yeah! We should be ready with umbrella and raincoat.
Actually rainy season is not really enjoyable for me.
Wet season is good for us, isn’t it? We can grow many plants easily.
Well, you’re right, but I’m very sensitive with cold weather, and when I catch the rain, I can be easily getting flu.
So, preventive is better than curative. Be ready with medicine.
I hate taking medicines, especially the chemical ones.
You can prepare remedy by yourself which is natural and easy to get.
What home remedy can I take to ease flu?
Try making combination of honey, lemon, and little cinnamon, heat them slightly, a few spoons of this will soothe the throat.
Ah, that sounds helpful! I should try it. Thank you for the tips!

Should we call the ambulance for a help?

Hi look! There are many people over there! What happened?!
Oh it seems to be an accident! Let’s come closer!
Oh my God! It’s really a terrible accident, the man is bleeding.
I bet it is a nose-to-tail accident, because the front of one car is seriously damaged, and the other car is completely damaged at the back.
I think so, let’s give them first aid.
We must take them to the nearest hospital right away.
Should we call the ambulance for a help?
Let’s see first.
Look, there is a police car coming.
It’s good then. We can ask them for help.

Have you taken medicine?

What’s wrong with you? You are supposed to work instead of sleeping.
Yes Sir, please forgive me. I suddenly feel dizzy.
Do you suffer high blood pressure or any other disease?
No Sir, I just couldn’t sleep well last night.
What did you think about?
Nothing Sir, It was just unusually happened.
You should keep your health by applying a healthy lifestyle.
Yes Sir, I normally exercise now and then, But yesterday I was a bit busy.
Have you taken medicine?
Yes, I have.
OK then, you can go home earlier, but you must ask your co-worker to take over your work.
Yes Sir, Thank you very much.

He Got Lungs Cancer

My uncle was hospitalized yesterday.
What seems to be his problems?
He got lungs cancer. The doctor said that it was probably caused by his bad habit of smoking.
I’m sorry to hear that. So how long has he been smoking?
I’m not really sure, but it might be about 8 years up to now.
Oh that’s too bad. He should stop smoking or his disease will get worse.
Yes, I do agree with you. Smoking just makes matter worse. Hopefully he can stop smoking.
Shall we visit him now?
Yes, if you don’t mind.
Well, no problem. Let’s go buying some fruits and drinks first.
Ok, there is a supermarket around here.