Your proposal is being checked by the director

Good Morning, Sir. May I help you?
Good Morning. I want to ask about the proposal I sent last week.
May I have your name, please?
Barry Charles Freer.
Just a moment Mr. Freer, let me check it first.
Thank you.
Mr. Freer, your proposal is being checked by the director. We’ll tell you the result by next week.
Should I come here again next week?
No, we will inform you by phone as soon as we have the result.
Do you have my phone number?
Yes, we have it here.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.

How do you know about this vacancy?

Why do you want to work in our company?
I want to advance my career.
How about your current working place?
It’s good and I’m well paid there, but this opportunity is challenging me.
How do you know about this vacancy?
I read it in the newspaper.
What do you think most important in doing your job?
Responsibility and honesty.
How much do you expect from this job for a month?
At least $500 per month.
How do you see yourself in five years from now?
In five years from now, I am a Restaurant Manager.
Do you have any question?
Not at the moment, Madam.
Right. Give me time to make a consideration, and we will advise you if we have made a decision.
Thank you very much Madam.
You’re welcome.

You should work longer and harder

Hi Greg, why are you alone here?
I am thinking about something.
What are you thinking about? You seem thinking very hard.
I am thinking about my future. I am afraid I will be a failed man and I cannot make my parents happy.
Why can you think like that?
I feel I cannot work here anymore.
Yesterday the manager called me. He said if I cannot improve my performance, I will be fired.
What? I thought you have done your job quite well so far.
But this month I may not achieve the target.
You should work longer and harder then.
Do you think so?
Yes, if you cannot achieve the target by just working in normal hours, you should work extra hours.
What about you? Do you often work extra hours?
Yes, I never go home before nine, almost every day.
Really? I should follow your way then.
We should work very hard, to be successful in life.
OK, thanks for reminding me.

How did the money come?

Do you ever hope to get a lot of money with a little work?
Of course. All people must be expecting it.
Do you ever get it?
One time yes, but not too much.
How did the money come?
I helped my neighbor to get a buyer for his house. And when the house was sold, he gave me $300. Little work, but much money, isn’t it?
Yes, you are very lucky.
Isn’t there any of your neighbors now offering his or her house for sale? I have another prospective buyer now.
Not yet. I will inform you if I get information.

Have you heard a news about Nadia?

Hi, have you heard a news about Nadia?
A news about what?
Oh, you haven’t heard it yet?
No, Not yet. You should tell me now.
Of course I will tell you now. This weekend Nadia will have a farewell party, because she will continue her study overseas.
Really? She will continue her study overseas?
Yes that’s right.
That’s good. She is clever, and I am sure she will be success there.
But that is not the news. The news is that we are invited to her party this weekend. Will you go there with me?
Actually I want to go, but I should take my mother to my grandmother’s house, because she is sick.
So you cannot go? It’s okay, you have more important thing to do. I will go alone.
You’d better go there with our other friends.
Okay then, let’s go home now. I am really tired. I think I want to sleep.
Let’s go. I am also hungry.

Have you got a job now?

Have you got a job now?
Yes, but in a small company.
What company is it?
Printing company. How about you?
I’m still in the car service garage.
Where is it?
At the end of the Green Street.
How many hours do you work a day?
I work from eight to five, nine hours. But sometimes overtime until seven.
How about Sundays?
Sunday I’m off. The garage is closed. What about you? Do you work on Sundays?
Yes, half a day until 12 noon.
Do you like working there?
I just started, but so far it’s fine for me. I get quite a good pay.
We should do our best in any assignment.
I agree with you. I’ll do my best there.

Do you want to be a writer?

What are you doing?
I’m writing.
What are you writing?
I’m writing a book.
Writing a book? Do you want to be a writer?
Yes, but I want to write a simple book first.
What book are you writing now?
I’m writing a book about the life of orphans.
How can you have an idea to write a book about the life of orphans?
I get inspiration from Oprah Winfrey Show. She arises a little thing on her show. I want to do the same thing. I want to write about orphan. And I hope many people will read my book.
What do you expect after many people read your book?
I hope after those people read my writing, they will realize that there are a lot of orphans who need help.
Alright. Hopefully all of your wishes will come true.
Thanks for your prayer.

Have you done your yesterday’s daily report?

Have you done your yesterday’s daily report?
No, I haven’t. I had to attend the seminar all day long yesterday. I’ll do it right now.
Why didn’t you ask your co-worker to do it yesterday?
They were all busy yesterday.
Well, can you make it before 11 today? I need it to discuss our new project.
Yes sir, I will. What else should I prepare?
We are going to hold a general meeting tomorrow morning at 7 am. Can you work over time today? We need to prepare all of the reports. And you must make them in power point.
No problem Sir, I will be ready for that.
Please inform all of the managers to join the meeting tomorrow.
Should I type the agenda for the meeting also?
Oh yes, I almost forget. Please type it, then copy it to 15, and distribute them to all department managers.

Are you satisfied with your current job?

Are you satisfied with your current job?
I have a quite good position at the moment, but I need to develop my career.
So what is your plan?
I think I need to continue my study.
Do you mean that you’ll quit your job fo temporary?
Yes exactly. When I have a dream, I should go for it.
Why don’t you continue your study, but still keep your job at the same time?
Do you think it’s possible?
Why not? There are many online courses offered at the moment.
How about the bachelor degree, is it possible to get online?
Of course, yes. One of my friends just got his degree last month.
Where can I get more info about it?
Just do a search through the internet.
Yes, thanks for informing me.

Have you taken medicine?

What’s wrong with you? You are supposed to work instead of sleeping.
Yes Sir, please forgive me. I suddenly feel dizzy.
Do you suffer high blood pressure or any other disease?
No Sir, I just couldn’t sleep well last night.
What did you think about?
Nothing Sir, It was just unusually happened.
You should keep your health by applying a healthy lifestyle.
Yes Sir, I normally exercise now and then, But yesterday I was a bit busy.
Have you taken medicine?
Yes, I have.
OK then, you can go home earlier, but you must ask your co-worker to take over your work.
Yes Sir, Thank you very much.