Why don’t you try to work overseas?

What are you thinking about?
I’m thinking about my future. I want to get a better income but I’m a bit confused how to do it.
How about doing a business?
I don’t think I’m good enough to run a business.
Oh I see! Why don’t you try to work overseas? You speak English well, don’t you?
But I never travel abroad.
You can try now! It’s a great chance to travel abroad. You can see different cultures, and have a better career and income at the same time.
What job do you recommend?
You can work at the hotel or cruise line? You’ve got some experience to support the job.
I think it’s a good idea. What should I do then?
You have to prepare some legal documents first, then it’s also important to prepare your mental and financial as well.
Will you help me for the documents? I’m not familiar about it.

I Just Got A Call To Have A Job Interview

I just got a call to have a job interview the day after tomorrow.
Oh that’s a good news. What company is it?
It’s a clothing company. But I haven’t prepared myself.
You must wear a formal dress and learn some typical questions during the interview.
I know it. But I’m still confused if my interviewer asks me about my weakness. Should I tell honestly about my bad habit?
Don’t ever tell about it unless you want to lose your opportunity to get a job there.
Well, so should I tell lie about my weakness? Or what should I do dealing with that?
You had better change your bad habit, and you can be free from being a liar. What bad habit do you normally do?
I almost always wake up late every morning.
Oh that’s too bad! You must change it. Don’t sleep late at night, and use an alarm to wake you up.
I should stop staying up late then. Thank you for the suggestion.