Do you have a washing machine?

Do you have a washing machine?
I do, but it is not good.
When did you buy it?
I bought it around three years ago. How about you? Do you have a washing machine?
No, I don’t. I prefer to wash by my hands. What is it not good with your washing machine?
Sometimes it damages the clothes. I have called the technician, but couldn’t fix it.
Maybe it’s better if you sell it, and buy a new one.
Right, I will think about it.

I just learn to make a poem

Look at the mountain. This morning it looks very clean.
Yes, not like usual.
Where is the thin cloud which used to cover it?
It maybe hiding behind the thickness of the teak leaves.
Do you ever climb it up to the top?
I did, but only in my dream.
In your dream? How can you climb it in the dream?
I walk by my thought through valleys and snow hills.
Wow. I am getting more difficult to understand you.
Forget it. I just learn to make a poem.

I will start to train you swimming

Can you cross the river?
If I could swim, I would try.
How about now, haven’t you been able to swim yet?
Not yet. Can you train me?
Yes. Let’s jump now. I will start to train you swimming.
No, I can’t do that. I will be drown soon.
Just hold my hand, and we’ll jump together.
How deep is the river do you think?
Will not be more than two meters.
Are you sure, you will keep holding my hand, when we are crossing?
Of course, I don’t want you to get drown.
Is there another way to train me swimming?
If you cannot do it here, we can go to the swimming pool one day.
That’s a better idea.
Please set a time. When you’re ready, just call me.
Thanks. Will probably tell you next week.

Can I get more discount?

Good morning Sir. Welcome to Central Electronic Shop. Can I help you?
Good morning. I am looking for a flat screen TV. Do you sell it?
Please have a look over here. Here we have some kinds of Television from many brands. Please choose it.
How much is this?
It is $100.
It is very expensive.
This is the most famous branded television. It has a clear picture, and a fantastic sound, so the price is little bit high.
Really? Can you give me any discount?
We can offer 10% discount, so you just need to pay $90.
But it is still very high. Can I get more discount?
I’m sorry Sir, that is the best price we can offer.
Okay I will take it then.
Is there any other thing you would like to have?
No, not at the moment.
Thank you Sir.
You’re welcome.

Did you meet her by coincidence?

Hi! Where have you been so far?
I’ve been in my hometown for a couple of days.
I see. What’s your plan for today?
I’m going to go to a book store. Will you join me?
Oh, I went there yesterday. Do you remember Lucia our old friend at Junior High School?
Wait! The curly hair with the dimple on her cheek?
Yes exactly. She lives in this city now.
Did you meet her by coincidence?
Yes, I did. At first, she was staring at me, and I wasn’t sure that she was Lucia. But she called my name and finally we talked a lot about many things.
Did you get her phone number?
Yes, I did. Here it is.
Let me write it down. I will call her sometime.

I’m Sorry, Today I’m Busy

I want to go to a spa. Will you come with me?
I’m sorry, today I’m busy, but which spa do you want to go?
I want to go to Hawa Sweet Spa.
Is it a good spa?
I don’t know, but I want to try. My friend in the office said that she always goes there if she is tired.
Actually I want to go with you, but as I said, I’m very busy today.
How about tonight, are you also busy?
No, I have nothing to do tonight.
How if we go there tonight? I want you to try the spa with me.
Okay, I can go tonight. How much do we need to pay?
Don’t think about money, I will pay it for you. I just got a commission from one of my clients.
What time do we go?
How about 7 o’clock?
It’s good. See you at 7.
See you….

How Is The Weather Today?

How is the weather today?
As you see now, today should be cloudy and rainy.
Do you think it will be cloudy for the whole day?
I don’t know. Why do you ask about it?
I plan to take my children to the beach. I’ve planned this since last week, but keep delaying it because the weather wasn’t good.
Yes, in the last few days, the weather was not good, so we couldn’t do our activities well.
This month should be dry season but we still have rain almost every day.
I think this is because of the extreme climate change. Last month we should still have rainy season but it was hot and dry.
What will happen by this extreme climate?
I don’t know, but I heard a forecast of a big tornado storm in the next few months.
Are you sure? How come we have a tornado in our country?
I’ve told you, this is because of the extreme climate change. The government will announce it officially in the next few days. We should be extra careful.
I’m little bit scared. We should prepare for an evacuation from now.

Why Are You So Hurry?

Hi, where are you going?
I want to go to the cinema because my favorite movie will be played.
What time will it be played?
Around 9 pm.
But This is still 6 pm. Why are you so hurry?
I don’t buy the ticket yet, so I want to go earlier.
Really? What is the difference watching in the Cinema and watching at Home?
Of course it feels different because we can enjoy watching the movie with many people.
By the way, What movie will you watch?
Tonight I will watch Transformer 3.
Ha? Transformer? Why do you like to watch that movie? Isn’t the movie for boys?
No, the movie is not only for boys but also for girls. I like the actor.
Is the movie really good?
Of course, everyone knows and likes to watch Transformer.
Why don’t I know about that?
Because you don’t know the newest trend. Okay, I want to go now, otherwise the ticket will be sold out.
Hey, wait for me. I want to go with you?
Okay, I’ll wait.

What is your hobby?

Hi, why do you collect many stamps?
Oh Hi Chris, I am collecting stamps for my collection.
What do you mean?
Collecting stamps is my hobby.
Why do you like collecting stamps?
Because I like to see the unique pictures of the stamps. How about you? What is your hobby?
Oh, I think I don’t have hobbies. Should we have hobbies?
Not really. But in our lives we must have something we like most which is called hobby.
So, hobby is a pleasure. Then I think I have a hobby now.
Yes, so what is your hobby?
I like reading comics, especially Detective Conan.
That is your hobby, reading comics. Do you have all of Detective Conan’s collection?
Yes I do. I even go to the black market because the original comics have not yet been published. How about your stamps collection?
So far I have collected stamps from some countries but I still should find other stamps.
Do you spend much money for your hobby?
Yes of course. I need much money because I order the stamps so it costs me some money.
Wow, your hobby is expensive.
Yeah, but I like to do it.
Okay good luck with your hobby.
Thank you.