I will wear my red gown

Tonight, I will go to my friend’s birthday party.
Oh ya? What will you wear?
I will wear my red gown.
What? A red gown? You will look old.
Really? Isn’t it good if I wear a red gown?
No, I think you are better to wear a soft colored gown. Do you have a soft colored gown?
Yes, I have, but I often go to a party in a red gown. This is the first time someone said I’m not good with it.
It’s just my opinion.
Alright, I will try to follow you. Tough, nobody gave me any comment about the clothes I wore before.
I am so sorry if you don’t like my comment.
Oh no, I appreciate it very much.
Thank you my friend.
You’re welcome.

Do you spend a lot of money on your dress?

You look more beautiful with this dress. It goes with your bag and shoes. Really matching!
Thank you. I just got it last week.
I think you’re cutting the edge with fashion, aren’t you?
I think so. I’m very concerned about my fashion. I always spend more money on fashion.
Do you have a designer to help you look fashionable?
No, I don’t, but I always follow the trend. My hair style, my dress, all about fashion. If you want to be good looking, you must pay attention to your performance.
That’s true, but do you spend a lot of money on your dress?
Not really. I prefer making my own dress at the tailor, because it’s cheaper than buying it at the boutique; and I can choose whatever model I like.