Do you smell something?

Do you smell something?
Yes, a strange smell. Maybe from that rubbish bin. Let’s check.
Hopefully we know the source of the smell soon.
Yes, there’s a dead fish here. Someone from that house might have thrown it here.
Do we need to move it?
I think so; because this afternoon, there will be a community meeting around here.
How if we throw it to the river?
No, it’s better to bury it in that garden.
The dead fish can cause diseases to the people around the river.
And if we bury it?
The smell of the fish will be localized, and no flies will spread the diseases.
Do we have tools to bury it?
We can borrow them from my father.

Do you know a good vet in this town?

Why doesn’t your cat want to eat fish? Isn’t fish a favorite food for cat?
I don’t know. Since last week he doesn’t eat like usual. It used to be three times a day, but now once or at the most twice. Even sometimes he doesn’t eat at all.
Have you taken him to a vet?
Maybe today. The days before I was very busy.
I will join then. I will take my dog to get vaccination.
Oh ya, do you know a good vet in this town?
Not exactly, but last time, my father took my dog to the Goliath vet.
Where is it located?
Around a hundred meters from the bus station.
Is it expensive there?
I think the price is similar to other vet.
How if we go there this afternoon?
Yes, we may go this afternoon.