Do you know a good book store around here?

Do you know a good book store around here?
I think Genius is good.
Do you ever buy books there?
Not yet, but many people say that it’s a good book store. What kind of books do you want to have?
I want some books about computer programming.
I think they have some.
Would you like to go there with me tomorrow?
I am sorry I can’t, because I should take my mother to the hospital.
That’s okay. Can you tell me where the bookstore is?
Do you know the junction near our school?
Yes, I do.
From the junction you should turn right and go straight ahead until you see the handphone shop. The bookstore is just across the shop.
I think I can find it.
The bookstore is very famous here because they offer good prices and the collection is complete.
Okay tomorrow I will go there. Thanks for the information.
You’re welcome.

I don’t force them, but they want to come with me

Why do you ask our friends to do a demonstration tomorrow?
I want our campus listen to the students’ voice.
Why do you want them to listen to us?
During this time, they have been asking a lot of money from us, but we don’t get a good service. You know that, don’t you?
Yes, I know. Is this your way to deliver your opinion, by involving your friends, not to follow the class?
I don’t force them, but they want to come with me.
Of course I don’t believe you. They will not do it without someone moves them.
Why do you really against me? You are a betrayer of the students. You are not at our side.
You are wrong. I’m at your side. I also have objection to all of the school fee applied to us; but we have a place to discuss that.
You are same like them. I know they have done corruption. They take the money from the students on behalf of the campus.
Do you have the evidence? I guess not. I want to give you a suggestion. You better discuss it peacefully, I am sure they will listen to you.
Thanks for your suggestion, but I will not listen to a suggestion from a betrayer.
All right then. Do whatever you want to do.

What will you do with those books?

What will you do with those books?
I will throw them away.
Because those books will not be used anymore.
Don’t waste the books. We can donate them to the orphanage.
I think they don’t need them, because the government has given them books.
Yes, but they need even more. So please don’t throw those books away. If you don’t have time, I will bring them there.
Why do you really want to give these books, to the children in the orphanage?
Because those books are very important for them. They are really difficult to buy books.
I hate saying it to you, but these books are old, and not in good condition.
Those books are old, but inside those books, still contain important knowledge.
Yes I understand now. I will bring them to the orphanage myself.

What do you usually do on holiday?

Hi, what are you doing?
I am making a plan for the next holiday.
What? You make a plan for the holiday? So, you always have activities on holiday?
Of course. My family always go somewhere on our holidays.
Really? That is very enjoyable. By the way, what did you do on the last holiday?
We went to a very beautiful island. It’s located in the northern part of our country. The island is still natural, and has a very wonderful view.
How about you? What do you usually do on holiday?

I don’t do anything. I usually go to see my grandmother in the village. That’s all I do because my parents are very busy.
Why are they always busy?
They are always busy doing their jobs.
How if you come with my family to spend your holiday?
I am afraid, my parents will not allow me. They must send me to my grandmother’s house.
I think, they do that because they love you and in the village, there will be your grandmother who will take care of you.
May be like that, but I also want to go somewhere like you.
You can wait till your parents are not busy.

Wasn’t that the final exam?

You look restless. What happens?
My exam score is very bad.
Didn’t you study before?
Of course.
But why is your score bad?
I don’t know.
You might be nervous when answering it.
No, but the questions were just difficult.
Excuses. I don’t believe. You must be lack of learning and practicing.
I have studied almost every day. You can ask all my friends.
Okay, I understand. But you can do nothing anymore now, can you?
I hope I have another chance.
Wasn’t that the final exam?
No, it was just a trial.
Oh, you are lucky then. You should study harder from now.
I will.

How could he get the accident?

Why do you look unhappy?
Haven’t you heard the news about our friend?
What news?
Our friend Greg of the Social Class had got an accident.
Really? Where is he now?
He’s in the hospital. I want to visit him tonight.
Does he get a serious injury?
I heard he got a serious injury. He is still unconscious until now.
How could he get the accident?
I don’t know for sure. But Liana, his friend in Social Class said, he put a high speed when riding his motorcycle on the way to school, the road was slippery, so he fell down and his head hit the street hardly.
Oh my god. What a pity boy. What time will you visit him tonight?
Around 7.00 to 8.00.
I also want to visit him. May I come with you?
Sure, where do we meet?
I’ll come to your house.

Have you heard a news about Nadia?

Hi, have you heard a news about Nadia?
A news about what?
Oh, you haven’t heard it yet?
No, Not yet. You should tell me now.
Of course I will tell you now. This weekend Nadia will have a farewell party, because she will continue her study overseas.
Really? She will continue her study overseas?
Yes that’s right.
That’s good. She is clever, and I am sure she will be success there.
But that is not the news. The news is that we are invited to her party this weekend. Will you go there with me?
Actually I want to go, but I should take my mother to my grandmother’s house, because she is sick.
So you cannot go? It’s okay, you have more important thing to do. I will go alone.
You’d better go there with our other friends.
Okay then, let’s go home now. I am really tired. I think I want to sleep.
Let’s go. I am also hungry.

You should go to the Doctor

Hi Rita, have you finished doing your math assignment?
No, not yet. I am not feeling well today.
What happens with you? Are you sick?
No, I’m just not feeling well.
You should go to the Doctor.
But I don’t have money to go to the Doctor, because my father hasn’t sent me money yet.
Do you want me to help you?
No, thank you. I’ve asked for your help many times.
It’s okay. Your health is important. As long as I can, I’ll help you.
Very kind of you.
Please don’t say that. We are friends. How about your homework? I’ll help you to do it. We should submit it tomorrow.
Thank you very much. I don’t know what I should say to you.
It’s okay. I am happy to help you.

Can you possibly check my report?

Hi Jimmy, why are you so busy?
I am finishing the report of my research.
Research? What research are you doing?
I’m doing a research about the cause of heart attack. I do it as my assignment to get the scholarship.
You are excellent Jim, you struggle by yourself to get the scholarship, I am very proud of you.
But I am not as clever as you thought.
Don’t underestimate yourself.
It’s the reality then, but may I ask for your help?
Of course, what can I do to help you?
Can you possibly check my report? I might have made some mistakes, I just want to double check.
Sure, let’s do it together.
Thank you very much.
You’re welcome.

Do you like to live there?

Hi good afternoon, how are you?
I am fine. How about you?
I am fine too. How is your school?
Everything runs well. I enjoy my school very much because I have been dreaming it since long time ago.
That’s good. Whom do you live there with?
I live with my uncle and my aunt there.
Do you like to live there?
Actually I don’t like to live there because the situation is different from our village but I just want to study there.
How are the people there? Are they friendly? And do you have friends there?
For me, the people are not quite friendly. They even don’t greet each other when they meet in the street. This is very different from our village. I have no friends there. They seem too proud to be my friend.
I think it’s not like that. May be they haven’t known you well yet.
Possibly, but the fact is that until now I don’t have a friend from there.
By time, you will be more familiar with them.
OK, I will try.