Did you do something wrong?

Hi, you dropped all my books down.
I am sorry, I am in hurry. I should meet the headmaster but I will help you first.
Oh, It’s okay. Why should you meet the headmaster?
I don’t know. Just now, Miss Anna called me and said that the headmaster wanted to meet me.
Really? Did you do something wrong?
I think I never did something wrong or break the school’s rules.
Why is it so strange? Is it related to the problem in your basketball team?
I don’t think so, I just resigned from the team and I have told the reason, they seem could accept my decision.
So, what is actually the problem, so the headmaster needs to meet you?
I am not really sure, so I should meet him soon.
Okay then, just go. I will tidy up my books myself.
Thank you Anton.
It’s okay.

Did you meet her by coincidence?

Hi! Where have you been so far?
I’ve been in my hometown for a couple of days.
I see. What’s your plan for today?
I’m going to go to a book store. Will you join me?
Oh, I went there yesterday. Do you remember Lucia our old friend at Junior High School?
Wait! The curly hair with the dimple on her cheek?
Yes exactly. She lives in this city now.
Did you meet her by coincidence?
Yes, I did. At first, she was staring at me, and I wasn’t sure that she was Lucia. But she called my name and finally we talked a lot about many things.
Did you get her phone number?
Yes, I did. Here it is.
Let me write it down. I will call her sometime.

Do you also learn music?

Congratulations! It is quite an achievement!
Thank you very much.
How do you feel after winning this prestigious dancing competition?
Wow, unbelievable! I’m surprised, proud and touched at once.
When was the first time you were interested in dancing?
When I was 5 years old, my mom took me to a live dance show, and I started to love it.
Do you take special dancing course or do you just do self-learning to sharpen your talent?
Well, I do both of them. I also learn from some prominent dancers.
Do you also learn music?
I learn traditional music instrument to support my skill.
What was the hardest thing in your career?
When I had to convince my parents about my career choice.
How important is dancing for you?
Dancing is my soul. I feel completely contented when I dance.
Thank you very much for your time.

Are you satisfied with your current job?

Are you satisfied with your current job?
I have a quite good position at the moment, but I need to develop my career.
So what is your plan?
I think I need to continue my study.
Do you mean that you’ll quit your job fo temporary?
Yes exactly. When I have a dream, I should go for it.
Why don’t you continue your study, but still keep your job at the same time?
Do you think it’s possible?
Why not? There are many online courses offered at the moment.
How about the bachelor degree, is it possible to get online?
Of course, yes. One of my friends just got his degree last month.
Where can I get more info about it?
Just do a search through the internet.
Yes, thanks for informing me.

I’m Studying English

What are you doing?
I’m studying English.
Why do you like to study English?
Because I want to continue my study overseas.
Have you mastered English well?
Not yet, therefore I should study every day.
What are you studying now?
I am studying about Simple Present Tense.
What is that?
That is one of the tenses in English Structure.
Is it important to be studied?
Yes, it is quite important, because we use it to say or express our daily activities.
Really? Is Simple Present Tense difficult?
Not really. If we are diligent to study and practice it when we speak, surely we will master it fast.
Would you like to teach me?
Of course. You may study with me.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.