Why can you be angry with your parents?

Will you talk to your parents?
I will not talk to them. I am still angry with them.
Why can you be angry with your parents?
I feel they treat me unfair compared to my younger brother.
What do you mean?
They always love my younger brother more than me. He always gets what he wants, but I don’t.
Of course, he gets more attention because he is still young whereas you have grown up.
Does it make any sense?
Of course, you should understand about that. As the oldest son, you should take care of your younger brother.
They also should give what I want.
But you also should understand your parent’s financial condition. They must have a reason. I am sure they will give what you want if they could.
But why can they always give what my younger brother wants?
He needs it more than you. He should always drink milk because it’s important for his growth. Do you want your brother doesn’t grow well?
Of course not.
So you should understand your parents then.
You are right. I should think about my younger brother because he is still young. Thanks, you have given me a good advice.
No, I give you nothing. I am just aware of you.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.

We will watch a movie

Good morning mom, what are you doing?
I am cooking rice and preparing food for your breakfast.
What do you cook today mom?
I cook fried rice and other specials menu. Why do you come to the kitchen and ask me? I am sure there is something you want.
How can you know?
Of course, you are my daughter, so I know anything about you. Tell me what you want?
You are the best mother in this world.
Oh come on, don’t praise me like that. I am shy.
But you are really the best mother.
Tell me what you want before I change my mind.
I want to ask your permission. Tonight I will go out with my boy friend. Is it okay?
Where will you go?
We will watch a movie.
Alright then, but you should be careful. Don’t watch until late.
Sure Mom, thank you very much.

Don’t you want to find out where he is?

Good morning, Grandpa. What are you doing now?
Good morning. I am collecting garbage.
May I help you Grandpa?
No thanks. This is my job. I get money from this job.
It’s okay Grandpa. Do you have son or daughter?
Yes I do. My son has gone since long time ago from home, and I don’t know where he is now.
Since when has he gone?
He has gone after he finished his study in College. He said he wanted to find a job overseas but he didn’t give any news.
Don’t you want to find out where he is?
Yes of course. I ever heard that he has got married with a famous businessman’s daughter, but he didn’t tell me.
Really? Don’t you want to meet him?
I really want to meet him, but I am afraid he will be shame because he has a poor family like me. I am happy to hear that he is happy there.
I am really touched to hear that, Grandpa. You are not angry although your son doesn’t give you any news.
I just want to know that he is happy.

Does he have any problem with his parents?

Have you got any news about our missing friend?
Not yet. Yesterday, I asked his parents, he hadn’t gone home yet.
I am wondering, where he goes.
Yeah, I also don’t think he can do that.
Do you know why he can go from his house?
His parents said that a day before he left home, he quarreled with them.
Really? Does he have any problem with his parents?
I don’t know for sure.
Yeah, we should try to help to find him.
I have tried to call his phone, but I couldn’t get through. Maybe, he turned his phone off.
I am sure he is keeping a problem.
May be, I don’t know.

Will you visit your grandpa this weekend?

Will you visit your grandpa this weekend?
Yes, I will. Will you go along with me?
I will see my schedule first. I always like to see the village life.
OK, I’ll be glad if you can go with me. We’ll see the beautiful scenery, clean river, fresh air, and some cattle animals.
It’s great! What does your grandpa do?
My grandpa was a soldier before, but he is retired. He does farming like the other people in the village. Planting rice and farming are their livelihood.
What about your grandma?
She passed away a few years ago.
Is your grandpa alone there?
Yes, he is. That’s why I often visit him.
Why don’t you live there with him?
I will live there someday, but at the moment not yet.

When Will You Get Married?

What’s that?
It’s a wedding invitation. My aunt, Jennifer will get married next Saturday. She will hold a ceremonial wedding and also a big party in her town.
Sounds nice. How old is she?
She is 28 years old. I believe that would be the best age for a woman to get married, do you think so?
Oh, could be. If we see from the point of age, 28 years old is considered to be a mature woman, but maturity has nothing to do with the age sometimes. To be mature is a matter of choice I guess.
By the way, when will you get married?
Well, I still focus on my study at the moment. But If I can make, I will get married at around 30. How about you?
I have no idea, because there are so many people get divorced. I don’t want to get married soon if I just get divorced eventually. Personally, I will get married only if I’m really sure about my soulmate. I will not make any plans for it. Let it flow.
You’re right.

Why Do You Buy A Cake For Your Mother?

Hello Laura, how are you?
I am fine. How about you?
I am fine too. What are you doing here?
I am looking for a cake for my mother.
Why do you buy a cake for your mother?
Tomorrow is my mother’s 10th wedding anniversary, so we will have a small party in my house.
Really? It must be very exciting.
Would you like to come to my house, and join the party tomorrow?
Of course I would love to come. What time should I be there?
The party will start at 8 PM, but you should come earlier because I need your help to choose a dress for me.
Sure, I will choose the best dress for you.
Thank you. See you tomorrow.
See you.