What kind of food do you avoid eating?

Do you think I’m getting fatter than before?
Yes a little bit. Are you upset with that?
Yes of course. I don’t like being fat, you know! I must be on diet.
As long as you are healthy, I think it’s okay with your body. That’s not too big for your height.
Well, you are right. But I still want to be on diet.
So, what kind of food do you avoid eating?
That’s the problem. I love anything cooked with coconut milk, and also almost all fried food. As far as I know, coconut milk contains saturated fatty acid. It might increase my weight.
How about boiled or steamed food?
Well, I don’t really like it. It will be hard for me. But no pain, no gain. So I must control myself.
And you can do more exercise to help loose your weight too.
That’s true.

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