What home remedy can I take to ease flu?

Rainy season is coming soon!
Yeah! We should be ready with umbrella and raincoat.
Actually rainy season is not really enjoyable for me.
Wet season is good for us, isn’t it? We can grow many plants easily.
Well, you’re right, but I’m very sensitive with cold weather, and when I catch the rain, I can be easily getting flu.
So, preventive is better than curative. Be ready with medicine.
I hate taking medicines, especially the chemical ones.
You can prepare remedy by yourself which is natural and easy to get.
What home remedy can I take to ease flu?
Try making combination of honey, lemon, and little cinnamon, heat them slightly, a few spoons of this will soothe the throat.
Ah, that sounds helpful! I should try it. Thank you for the tips!

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