Have you done your yesterday’s daily report?

Have you done your yesterday’s daily report?
No, I haven’t. I had to attend the seminar all day long yesterday. I’ll do it right now.
Why didn’t you ask your co-worker to do it yesterday?
They were all busy yesterday.
Well, can you make it before 11 today? I need it to discuss our new project.
Yes sir, I will. What else should I prepare?
We are going to hold a general meeting tomorrow morning at 7 am. Can you work over time today? We need to prepare all of the reports. And you must make them in power point.
No problem Sir, I will be ready for that.
Please inform all of the managers to join the meeting tomorrow.
Should I type the agenda for the meeting also?
Oh yes, I almost forget. Please type it, then copy it to 15, and distribute them to all department managers.

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