Did you do something wrong?

Hi, you dropped all my books down.
I am sorry, I am in hurry. I should meet the headmaster but I will help you first.
Oh, It’s okay. Why should you meet the headmaster?
I don’t know. Just now, Miss Anna called me and said that the headmaster wanted to meet me.
Really? Did you do something wrong?
I think I never did something wrong or break the school’s rules.
Why is it so strange? Is it related to the problem in your basketball team?
I don’t think so, I just resigned from the team and I have told the reason, they seem could accept my decision.
So, what is actually the problem, so the headmaster needs to meet you?
I am not really sure, so I should meet him soon.
Okay then, just go. I will tidy up my books myself.
Thank you Anton.
It’s okay.

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