Do you know a good vet in this town?

Why doesn’t your cat want to eat fish? Isn’t fish a favorite food for cat?
I don’t know. Since last week he doesn’t eat like usual. It used to be three times a day, but now once or at the most twice. Even sometimes he doesn’t eat at all.
Have you taken him to a vet?
Maybe today. The days before I was very busy.
I will join then. I will take my dog to get vaccination.
Oh ya, do you know a good vet in this town?
Not exactly, but last time, my father took my dog to the Goliath vet.
Where is it located?
Around a hundred meters from the bus station.
Is it expensive there?
I think the price is similar to other vet.
How if we go there this afternoon?
Yes, we may go this afternoon.

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