Do you like to live there?

Hi good afternoon, how are you?
I am fine. How about you?
I am fine too. How is your school?
Everything runs well. I enjoy my school very much because I have been dreaming it since long time ago.
That’s good. Whom do you live there with?
I live with my uncle and my aunt there.
Do you like to live there?
Actually I don’t like to live there because the situation is different from our village but I just want to study there.
How are the people there? Are they friendly? And do you have friends there?
For me, the people are not quite friendly. They even don’t greet each other when they meet in the street. This is very different from our village. I have no friends there. They seem too proud to be my friend.
I think it’s not like that. May be they haven’t known you well yet.
Possibly, but the fact is that until now I don’t have a friend from there.
By time, you will be more familiar with them.
OK, I will try.

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