Don’t you want to find out where he is?

Good morning, Grandpa. What are you doing now?
Good morning. I am collecting garbage.
May I help you Grandpa?
No thanks. This is my job. I get money from this job.
It’s okay Grandpa. Do you have son or daughter?
Yes I do. My son has gone since long time ago from home, and I don’t know where he is now.
Since when has he gone?
He has gone after he finished his study in College. He said he wanted to find a job overseas but he didn’t give any news.
Don’t you want to find out where he is?
Yes of course. I ever heard that he has got married with a famous businessman’s daughter, but he didn’t tell me.
Really? Don’t you want to meet him?
I really want to meet him, but I am afraid he will be shame because he has a poor family like me. I am happy to hear that he is happy there.
I am really touched to hear that, Grandpa. You are not angry although your son doesn’t give you any news.
I just want to know that he is happy.

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