Don’t you want to forgive me?

Why do you avoid me?
What do you mean?
When you see me, you always run avoiding me. Are you still angry with me?
Why should I be angry with you? I don’t have any business with you.
What? You don’t have any business with me? Why do you say that?
Is there something wrong with my words?
Of course you are wrong. I know you are still angry with me because I didn’t come to the park yesterday evening.
Forget it. Don’t make any appointment if you can’t make it.
I am really sorry. My friend suddenly called me, he asked me to come to the school. I forgot to call you.
Really? I shouldn’t have gone there if I knew that you wouldn’t come. But I was too stupid.
What do you mean? I really wanted to come but there was something I should do.
You are never serious in making an appointment. I actually have known it from before.
I am really sorry. Don’t you want to forgive me?
OK, just for this time. If you do it once more, our friendship ends.
Oh you are so kind. Thank you very much.

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