Have you heard a news about Nadia?

Hi, have you heard a news about Nadia?
A news about what?
Oh, you haven’t heard it yet?
No, Not yet. You should tell me now.
Of course I will tell you now. This weekend Nadia will have a farewell party, because she will continue her study overseas.
Really? She will continue her study overseas?
Yes that’s right.
That’s good. She is clever, and I am sure she will be success there.
But that is not the news. The news is that we are invited to her party this weekend. Will you go there with me?
Actually I want to go, but I should take my mother to my grandmother’s house, because she is sick.
So you cannot go? It’s okay, you have more important thing to do. I will go alone.
You’d better go there with our other friends.
Okay then, let’s go home now. I am really tired. I think I want to sleep.
Let’s go. I am also hungry.

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