How could he get the accident?

Why do you look unhappy?
Haven’t you heard the news about our friend?
What news?
Our friend Greg of the Social Class had got an accident.
Really? Where is he now?
He’s in the hospital. I want to visit him tonight.
Does he get a serious injury?
I heard he got a serious injury. He is still unconscious until now.
How could he get the accident?
I don’t know for sure. But Liana, his friend in Social Class said, he put a high speed when riding his motorcycle on the way to school, the road was slippery, so he fell down and his head hit the street hardly.
Oh my god. What a pity boy. What time will you visit him tonight?
Around 7.00 to 8.00.
I also want to visit him. May I come with you?
Sure, where do we meet?
I’ll come to your house.

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