We will watch a movie

Good morning mom, what are you doing?
I am cooking rice and preparing food for your breakfast.
What do you cook today mom?
I cook fried rice and other specials menu. Why do you come to the kitchen and ask me? I am sure there is something you want.
How can you know?
Of course, you are my daughter, so I know anything about you. Tell me what you want?
You are the best mother in this world.
Oh come on, don’t praise me like that. I am shy.
But you are really the best mother.
Tell me what you want before I change my mind.
I want to ask your permission. Tonight I will go out with my boy friend. Is it okay?
Where will you go?
We will watch a movie.
Alright then, but you should be careful. Don’t watch until late.
Sure Mom, thank you very much.

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