I want to book flight tickets to London

Good morning, Sir, may I help you?
Good morning, I want to book flight tickets to London for this Sunday. Is it still available?
Please wait a moment, I will check it first.
Thank you.
Yes Sir, it is still available.
Okay, I want to book for 2 people. We want to have the front seat.
May I have your name, please?
Charles and Olivia Brown.
May I see your passports, please?
Here you are.
How will you pay for it?
I will pay by my Visa Card.
May I have your card, please?
Here you are.
Please wait a moment Mr. Brown, I will prepare the tickets for you.
Alright then.
Could you sign here, please?
Here are the tickets, and here is the receipt. Thank you for using our service. Wish you a nice flight.
Thank you.

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