What did you do when you saw the accident?

I heard there was an accident yesterday. Is that true?
Yes, that is true. I was here yesterday. I wanted to go to the library.
How could the accident happen? Do you know exactly what happened?
Yes, I do. I couldn’t believe that I witnessed such an accident.
Was it terrible?
Yes, it was. I saw the man with the motorbike was hit by the truck. The truck was coming from the opposite direction. The man with the motorbike tried to take over but he didn’t realize there was a truck coming.
Oh my goodness. Then what happened with both the guys?
The man with the motorbike got a very serious injury, and the truck driver was just shocked.
What did you do when you saw the accident?
I did nothing. I was too afraid because there was much blood.
Oh my goodness. You should be careful when riding a motorbike.
Yes of course. I got a trauma if I remember that happening.
Try to forget it. Erase it from your memory.
Okay, I will try.

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