What did you have for your breakfast?

Have you got breakfast?
Yes, already. How about you?
I had a cup of tea just now. And you, what did you have for your breakfast?
I had fried rice, scrambled egg, and a cup of coffee. Why don’t you have any food for your breakfast?
I am not used to have food in the morning. If I do so, I’ll have a problem with my belly.
How about milk? Is it OK for you to drink milk in the morning?
Milk is OK with me, but I don’t like to have it too much. I don’t want to be fat.
You can have the low fat milk, or special milk for diet.
I don’t want to be complicated. A cup of tea or coffee is enough for me. Oh ya, do you prepare your breakfast yourself?
No, my mother usually does it for me. I can do it myself, but I usually busy in the morning. How about you?
I just buy the tea or coffee in a small stall on the way to work.

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