Why Are You So Hurry?

Hi, where are you going?
I want to go to the cinema because my favorite movie will be played.
What time will it be played?
Around 9 pm.
But This is still 6 pm. Why are you so hurry?
I don’t buy the ticket yet, so I want to go earlier.
Really? What is the difference watching in the Cinema and watching at Home?
Of course it feels different because we can enjoy watching the movie with many people.
By the way, What movie will you watch?
Tonight I will watch Transformer 3.
Ha? Transformer? Why do you like to watch that movie? Isn’t the movie for boys?
No, the movie is not only for boys but also for girls. I like the actor.
Is the movie really good?
Of course, everyone knows and likes to watch Transformer.
Why don’t I know about that?
Because you don’t know the newest trend. Okay, I want to go now, otherwise the ticket will be sold out.
Hey, wait for me. I want to go with you?
Okay, I’ll wait.

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