You should work longer and harder

Hi Greg, why are you alone here?
I am thinking about something.
What are you thinking about? You seem thinking very hard.
I am thinking about my future. I am afraid I will be a failed man and I cannot make my parents happy.
Why can you think like that?
I feel I cannot work here anymore.
Yesterday the manager called me. He said if I cannot improve my performance, I will be fired.
What? I thought you have done your job quite well so far.
But this month I may not achieve the target.
You should work longer and harder then.
Do you think so?
Yes, if you cannot achieve the target by just working in normal hours, you should work extra hours.
What about you? Do you often work extra hours?
Yes, I never go home before nine, almost every day.
Really? I should follow your way then.
We should work very hard, to be successful in life.
OK, thanks for reminding me.

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