Why can you be angry with your parents?

Will you talk to your parents?
I will not talk to them. I am still angry with them.
Why can you be angry with your parents?
I feel they treat me unfair compared to my younger brother.
What do you mean?
They always love my younger brother more than me. He always gets what he wants, but I don’t.
Of course, he gets more attention because he is still young whereas you have grown up.
Does it make any sense?
Of course, you should understand about that. As the oldest son, you should take care of your younger brother.
They also should give what I want.
But you also should understand your parent’s financial condition. They must have a reason. I am sure they will give what you want if they could.
But why can they always give what my younger brother wants?
He needs it more than you. He should always drink milk because it’s important for his growth. Do you want your brother doesn’t grow well?
Of course not.
So you should understand your parents then.
You are right. I should think about my younger brother because he is still young. Thanks, you have given me a good advice.
No, I give you nothing. I am just aware of you.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.

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