I don’t force them, but they want to come with me

Why do you ask our friends to do a demonstration tomorrow?
I want our campus listen to the students’ voice.
Why do you want them to listen to us?
During this time, they have been asking a lot of money from us, but we don’t get a good service. You know that, don’t you?
Yes, I know. Is this your way to deliver your opinion, by involving your friends, not to follow the class?
I don’t force them, but they want to come with me.
Of course I don’t believe you. They will not do it without someone moves them.
Why do you really against me? You are a betrayer of the students. You are not at our side.
You are wrong. I’m at your side. I also have objection to all of the school fee applied to us; but we have a place to discuss that.
You are same like them. I know they have done corruption. They take the money from the students on behalf of the campus.
Do you have the evidence? I guess not. I want to give you a suggestion. You better discuss it peacefully, I am sure they will listen to you.
Thanks for your suggestion, but I will not listen to a suggestion from a betrayer.
All right then. Do whatever you want to do.

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