Why do you choose to go to Indonesia?

Why do you choose to go to Indonesia?
I’ve visited most of the tourism countries; only Indonesia I haven’t visited yet. And I heard Indonesia is a good place to visit.
What kind of business will you do there? As I know, you are very busy with your old business. Will you leave your company?
I’m following someone. I heard he also will go to Indonesia. So this is a good chance for me. I’ve asked my sister to take care of my company until I’m back.
Who are you spying on?
My boyfriend.
What? Are you crazy? Why do you spy on your boyfriend?
I think he is hiding something from me.
Are you sure this is right?
Of course this is right. I just want to prove if he lies or not to me.
Whom will you go with?
I’ll go by myself.
How long do you think you will be there?
Depend on the situation, but will be not more than two weeks.
Okay, enjoy your holiday then.
Thank you.

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