Do you know a good book store around here?

Do you know a good book store around here?
I think Genius is good.
Do you ever buy books there?
Not yet, but many people say that it’s a good book store. What kind of books do you want to have?
I want some books about computer programming.
I think they have some.
Would you like to go there with me tomorrow?
I am sorry I can’t, because I should take my mother to the hospital.
That’s okay. Can you tell me where the bookstore is?
Do you know the junction near our school?
Yes, I do.
From the junction you should turn right and go straight ahead until you see the handphone shop. The bookstore is just across the shop.
I think I can find it.
The bookstore is very famous here because they offer good prices and the collection is complete.
Okay tomorrow I will go there. Thanks for the information.
You’re welcome.

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