I have a problem with my boyfriend

Why do you look so pale?
Yes, you do. Your face is different.
I am not feeling well. I don’t want to eat.
What happens to you?
I have a problem with my boyfriend. He wants to break up our relationship. I still love him but he has changed.
Just because of that? Why are you so stupid?
What do you mean? Why do you call me stupid?
Yes, you are stupid. You hurt yourself just because of a boy.
You don’t know how it feels, I still love him but he has changed. You never love a boy, so you don’t understand my feeling.
Of course, I understand your feeling, I am also a girl who has a love, but I am never like you, hanging your life to a boy.
So what should I do? Can you give me advice?
I know you really love him but does he have the same feeling like you?
What I know is that he also loves me.
If he loves you, he will not hurt you like this. He is not the only boy in this world. You can get someone far better than him, so you should keep smiling.
I think you are right. I should keep smiling. Thanks for your advice.
I hope you will be better now.

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