What mostly can generate your concentration?

Hi, are you busy today?
Actually yes, but I think I can’t do my assignment today.
What is the problem?
My neighbor keeps playing music all the time, and I’m distracted.
How about going to some quiet places? Like library?
Well, I wish I could, but I can’t concentrate to do my work where people are around or chat.
Oh I see, so what mostly can generate your concentration?
Depending on my mood, and also my condition. When I’m tired, normally I can’t do my work well. Today I’m rather in bad mood. What about you?
I always have music on, while I work. But in fact, I still can do any jobs in any places, any situations.
Oh that’s good. I can’t stand noise or distractions when I’m trying to concentrate.
Why don’t you just relax today, so tomorrow perhaps you have a good mood, and more spirit?
Well, I think it’s a good idea.

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