How Is The Weather Today?

How is the weather today?
As you see now, today should be cloudy and rainy.
Do you think it will be cloudy for the whole day?
I don’t know. Why do you ask about it?
I plan to take my children to the beach. I’ve planned this since last week, but keep delaying it because the weather wasn’t good.
Yes, in the last few days, the weather was not good, so we couldn’t do our activities well.
This month should be dry season but we still have rain almost every day.
I think this is because of the extreme climate change. Last month we should still have rainy season but it was hot and dry.
What will happen by this extreme climate?
I don’t know, but I heard a forecast of a big tornado storm in the next few months.
Are you sure? How come we have a tornado in our country?
I’ve told you, this is because of the extreme climate change. The government will announce it officially in the next few days. We should be extra careful.
I’m little bit scared. We should prepare for an evacuation from now.

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