I Want To Book A Room For The Weekend.

Central Hotel, good morning, how may I assist you?
I want to book a room for the weekend.
One moment, please, Sir. I will connect you to the Reservation Desk.
Thank you.
Good morning Reservation Desk, how may I assist you?
I’d like to book a deluxe room for this weekend.
Could I have your name, please?
Brandon Smith.
How long would you like to stay, Mr Smith?
Two nights from Friday, check out Sunday.
Would you like single or double room?
Double, please.
Yes, Mr Smith, we have double deluxe room available for Friday, March 05 check out Sunday March 07.
How much is it?
It’s $70 per night including American Breakfast for two.
OK, please book it for me.
Would you like to guarantee your booking?
Yes, please use my Visa Card number 4567 1234 5678 1234 expiring March 2025.
Thank you Mr. Smith. We look forward to welcoming you on Friday.
Thank you.

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